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About us

Here at Warwick Racing, we are a university-based, cross-disciplinary motorsports team who compete in the Formula Student division. With a diverse team of engineers, designers and business personnel, our goal is to produce a high-performance single-seat electric racing car from the ground up. To do so, we design, test and construct almost every element in-house here at the University of Warwick. This car must have both the speed and endurance to compete at a series of fearsome circuits around the globe, including the historic Silverstone National Circuit- home of the Formula One BritishGrand Prix since 1950.

Our team is home to students hailing from a wide-array of STEM and Humanities subjects. Team members are devoting their extra-curricular time to our ongoing projects alongside their degree studies. Our team structure comprises an Engineering, Business and Marketing team. They work in-tandem to ensure the development and construction of a competitive car and to oversee the growth and outreach of Warwick Racing as a brand. By joining our team, you are joining a united team on the cutting-edge of student motorsport. Not to mention that you are opening yourself up to countless opportunities both here at Warwick, and further-afield in the motoring industry.

Our History

Having been open to students from all backgrounds since 2014, Warwick Racing has produced 7 generations of competitive internal-combustion engine cars, finishing with the WR7. In 2018 though, the team shifted its overall focus to producing fully electric powered racers. This is due to both the environmental and performance benefits this would bring. Since that shift in development, our team has produced its most recent car to-date: the WRe2. When completed, the WRe2 aims to bring break-neck acceleration and a very high power-to-weight ratio to the track. With a sleuth of design and endurance tests facing the WRe2 over the coming year, the Warwick Racing engineering team are working hard to complete and upgrade the car so that we get every ounce of performance possible from the design. We are also making extra-sure to stay within the technical regulations set by Formula Student.

Future of Warwick Racing

From 2020, our team has hired a new marketing division in order to boost our activity as a team. From our website here, we will be bringing you new technical updates, opinion blogs, videos. We are also bringing event run-downs throughout the year, as-well as increasing our social media influence on multiple platforms. Our aim with these new initiatives is to give both students and those outside the university an outlet to follow, share and support Warwick Racing.

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