WRe1 has been the team’s first electric race car, following a successful line up of 6 internal combustion cars. Being the team’s first foray into electric powertrain the objective with this car was to maximise the development and learning in the electric powertrain by working on evolving the design of chassis from our previous Internal combustion cars.


Maximum Power (kW)80
Maximum Torque (N·m)370
Top Speed (km/h)110
Acceleration (0-100)3.9
Power to Weight ratio (hp/ton)271


Wheelbase (mm)1700
Front Track (mm)1250
Rear Track (mm)1150
Height (mm)1225
Weight (kg)395

Chassis & Suspension

Steel Tubular Spaceframe with optimised wall thicknesses for individual areas and topology optimised aluminium motor cradle and rear bulkhead. Fully TIG Welded in house
41 metres of 4130 25.4mm High Strength Chromoly Steel and 6082 T6 Aluminium
Double unequal length wishbones Optimised geometry, caster and anti-dive. Optimised wall thicknesses on the tubing for good stiffness and strength to weigth ratio. Adjustable toe and camber. Pullrod and rocker actuated. Located on the floor of the car to lower the centre of mass and maximise space in the cockpit. 4 way adjustable Öhlins damper.
Adjustable 5 Link layout Optimised geometry and anti-squat. Optimised wall thicknesses on the tubing for good stiffness and strength to weigth ratio. Adjustable toe and camber. Pushrod and rocker actuated. Located behind the powertrain and mounted directly to rear bulkhead. 4 way adjustable Öhlins damper.
6 Piston Radially Mounted Aluminium PFM PFMC019 Caliper 250mm cast Iron Floating Rotors Ferodo Organic Race Compound Pads  
Optimised 4 piston AP Racing CP4227-2S0 Caliper 220mm drilled steel floating rotors Ferodo Organic Race Compound Pads  
Bespoke topology optimised and CNC machined aluminium pedal box with twin AP Racing master cylinders for front and rear circuits. Adjustable brake bias. Twin accelerator potentiometers and brake overtravel cut-off switch.
Custom Topology Optimised and 5 Axis machined uprights 6082 T6 Aluminium. Include individual wheel speed sensors for data telemtry and traction control.
Custom Titan Steering rack with Pro-Ackermann set up. Steel Steering column supported by IGUS lightweight bearings. SPA design steering wheel with quick release.
13″ Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Cast Alloy rims
Avon 7.2/20.0-13 Slick Tyres, A92 Compound


  • Bodywork

    Recycled carbon fibre sheet moulded compound sheets

  • Front Nosecone

    Custom aerodynamic thermoplastic part manufactured by additive manufacturing

  • Driver Seat

    Custom Pro-Seat Moulded Foam


Total Pack Capacity (kWh)
Maximum Pack Power (kW)
Maximum Pack Discharge
310 A for 4s

238 A for 10s

100 A Continuous
Maximum Pack Charge (A)
Maximum Pack Voltage (V)
Minimum Pack Voltage (V)
Panasonic UR18650RX LiFePO4
Total Number
Module Layout
100 cells in 10S10P
Number of Modules
Pack Layout
8 Modules in Series
Battery Management System
Custom Motorsport-Grade BMS
Safety Measures
Cell Temperature and Voltage measurements of every cluster of 3 cells

Five Battery Pack Isolation Relays

Insulation Monitoring Device to ensure integrity of wiring

Amphenol High Voltage Quick Disconnect
  • Tractive System
  • Low Voltage System
  • Telemetry & Data Logging
MotorHigh power density and high efficiency YASA P400S AC 3 Phase Synchronous Permanent Magnet Outrunner Design and Water cooled
InverterSEVCON Gen4-S8 Advanced flux vector control for minimal power consumption CAN Bus Controlled
Vehicle Control UnitEmbed E400 Automotive Controller
DifferentialDrexler Mechanical Limited Slip Differential
Transmission512 Chain Renthal Sprocket Gear Ratio: 3.1
Cooling SystemDual radiators with aerodynamic ducting Variable speed electric pump 
Overall Vehicle Safety SystemsCustom PCB for Traction System Active Light Custom PCB Brake Plausibility Device Motorsport UK approved cut off switches
Low Voltage BatteryLightweight LiPO Battery
DashboardState of Charge Displays Variable Drive Modes (Economy & Race)
Wiring HarnessDesigned on Eplan Circuit Schematics Software Manufactured in House
Data LoggerAim Evo 5 Data logger with GPS 08
Vehicle Dynamics SensorsCentral Accelerometer, GPS Speed Sensor, Individual wheel speed sensors and Individual wheel suspension displacement sensors.
Driver SensorsSteering Angle Sensor, Brake System Pressure Sensor and Accelerator Position Sensor
Powertrain SensorsBattery State of Charge, Cell temperature, Cell voltage, motor temperature, motor speed, motor position, inverter temperature…